Stacy (slash_girl) wrote,

where I'm at...

Since I've sorta lost the LJ love... Not totally leaving, but yeah, it just doesn't seem the same, I'd thought I'd sticky post other places that I hang out.

Fannish stuff (a lot of Top Gear/James May) on tumblr:
Fanfic page on AO3 (I'll also post my fic here, too):
Twitter, infrequently updated: (feel free to follow me)
Blogger, for work related stuff, including ranting and I'm trying not to have it too connected with fannish stuff:
Oh, and I am on dreamwidth but tbh, use it less than LJ:
I am on fb, but that's mostly for me to keep up with the family....

I think that's pretty much it.... I do miss the old days of LJ. Now, it really feels like a ghost town. :(
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