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Had to laugh when I was doing book fair last week. I do book fairs at both schools in the same week; this time was easier than the fall as the evening events were on different nights. Anyhow, Thursday was the evening event at school B--and I was there all day as I had no volunteers for any of the shifts. That included the evening bit, too. Since it's ~25 min drive home, I just grabbed supper from KFC and went back to the school.

Now the book fair had been open Tues/Wed and all day Thurs, was going to be open that evening 6-8 and again Friday a.m. More than enough time, me thinks. So, I'd just gotten my ass back into the building (keys/locked doors there are an issue), had set my supper down on my desk--hadn't had a chance to close the door behind me since, yanno, hands were full.

A parent starts to walk in with her grade 5 kid (we have a day care/afterschool program at the school). I looked at them and said, quite politely, "I'm sorry, we're closed right now." Parent: "What?" (She wasn't snarky.). I repeated myself. She gets this "you've trampled my and my spawn's entitlement" look and said, "Oh" and turned and walked out. I heard her say to the kidlet on the way out, "We'll just go over to the bookstore and buy that book for you."

I muttered, under my breath, "Go right ahead and do that." Then I got up, locked and closed the door and put the black out shade over the small window (it's for when we have lockdowns)...and then went and ate my supper. I laughed cus her kid had been in on Tuesday and bought around $15 worth of books; besides, I doubt she'd've actually bought anything.

Still being in my first year at this school, I don't know the parents that well, so I let the principal know what happened in case the parent decided to call in and bitch about me. Principal said not to worry about it and that I needed to be able to eat. I figured she prolly wouldn't but I'd rather admin know instead of being blindsided by it. And ya never know with the parents. (No, nothing was said.)

If people weren't so fucking annoying, they'd amuse me.
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