Stacy (slash_girl) wrote,


Margaret Thatcher has died. I knew of her, of course, being a child/teen during her years in office, but didn't realise just how badly she'd fucked the UK over nor her enduring legacy.

A legacy I feel has come down to many in the western world today; I can see it in the US republicans and in our own Conservative gov't here in Canada. (I'm sorry, they are not MY gov't; I have not and will never vote for them.) Hell, Brian Mulroney was an early disciple of hers. Protect the rich and fuck the poor. And do it all off the backs of the middle class.

Annette Funicello died today as well. She was an original Disney Mouseketeer and also starred in the beach movies with Frankie Avalon. From all accounts she was a very nice person.

I also found out today that Winston Rekert died in September(!!) from cancer. He was a Canadian actor and I enjoyed him in both Adderly and Neon Rider. He was only 63. :(

Yeah. Not a happy day.
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