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Soooo... did this challenge for , signed up about a month before it all was due as I wanted to get back into writing. And I did it. Yay!

Here's the links to the fics, all over on A03. The RPS is the only one that's locked.

Fanfiction: Sunny Days (Thief Takers; Bob Tate/Paul Valera; day at the beach)
summary/preview: A conversation on the beach.
content notes: No Warnings Apply

Fanfiction: Blow You Right to My Door (Death in Paradise; Camille Bordey/Richard Poole; celebratory kiss)
summary/preview: Camille makes her move.
content notes: Spoilers for both series of the show, other than that no warnings apply.

Fanfiction: Being Boring (Burn Notice; Michael Westin/Sam Axe, Michael Westin/Fiona Glenanne; au: human)
summary/preview: Michael discovers there ARE things worse than death and that he really does love his job.
content notes: No Warnings Apply

Fanfiction: Going (CSI (Vegas); Gil Grissom/Warrick Brown; kidfic)
summary/preview: Part of a continuing series (all linked on AO3); Gil heads back to his own apartment after spending a couple weeks with Warrick and his baby daughter. Obviously a big old AU.
content notes: No Warnings Apply

Fanfiction: Baby, It's Cold Outside (Real People Slash, British TV Presenters; Stephen Fry/James May; huddle for warmth)
summary/preview: Stephen finds it's cold in Iceland and counts on James to warm him up.
content notes: No Warnings Apply
Tags: bob/paul, british rps, burn notice, camille/richard, csi, death in paradise, done, gil/warrick, james may/stephen fry, michael/fiona, richard/camille, sam/michael, stephen fry/james may, stephen/james, thief takers, trope_bingo
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