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Amnesty for Trope bingo; one square

Oh, the best laid plans. I only completed one thing this round, and it wasn't a fic, but a graphic.

By: Stacy L.A. Stronach
Fandom: NCIS: New Orleans
Pairing: Chistopher LaSalle/Victor Ortega
Trope: Monochrome

Notes: Victor Ortega was only in one episode but he and LaSalle spent the majority of their scenes together eye fucking. I've built pairings on less than this. lol
I do hope to actually write fic of them. At some point. Before the next decade/century/millennium...

There are 24 pics under this, and the words are all quotes from the actual episode of NCIS: NOLA, "Undocumented"

 photo nolapicspam1.png
 photo nolapicspam2.png
 photo nolapicspam3.png
 photo nolapicspam4.png
 photo nolapicspam5.png
 photo nolapicspam6.png
 photo nolapicspam7.png
 photo nolapicspam8.png
 photo nolapicspam9.png
 photo nolapicspam10.png
 photo nolapicspam11.png
 photo nolapicspam12.png
 photo nolapicspam13.png
 photo nolapicspam14.png
 photo nolapicspam15.png
 photo nolapicspam16.png
 photo nolapicspam17.png
 photo nolapicspam18.png
 photo nolapicspam19.png
 photo nolapicspam20.png
 photo nolapicspam21.png
 photo nolapicspam22.png
 photo nolapicspam23.png
 photo nolapicspam24.png
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