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4 February
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I'm a 40 something library technician and I enjoy many types of music and I love to read. I also like TV and movies and am addicted to the Internet. My favourite bands are Great Big Sea and Duran Duran.

This journal is where I post my slash fanfic, my icons, and just about anything else of a fannish nature that I do. It's also where I do all my bitching about life, the universe, and everything...

Note: Any Top Gear RPS that I publish will be friends locked; it will be available at topgearslash as well as at Archive of Our Own (under members lock). I generally don't friend back unless I've gotten to know you through one venue or another, but I certainly don't mind if you friend my LJ.

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Procedural Dramas Blogs...I claimed Bobby Goren/Mike Logan from Law & Order: Criminal Intent

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